Lil' Sports Advantage

Lil’ Sports gives you every advantage to start a successful Franchise.

A Superior Training Program – We are committed to a rigorous and detail-oriented training program to give each individual franchisee the drive and support they need to succeed. We also encourage all franchisees to share questions, ideas, and solutions amongst each other as well as with Lil’ Sports Franchising Group staff.

Complete Training and Activity Manuals – You will receive complete documentation of the processes needed for the operation of your franchise. This includes manuals covering marketing, enrollment, billing, activity instruction, and roles & responsibilities for staff members.

Custom Built Reporting and Enrollment Software – The Reporting and Enrollment Framework (The R.E.F.) is a custom-built software solution that was created exclusively to meet the needs of a Lil’ Sports franchise. The R.E.F. enables franchisees to efficiently perform many necessary administrative activities, including:

  • Track current and prospective schools, student information, instructor information and schedules, invoices and payments.
  • Perform detailed reporting to aid in all aspects of planning, teaching, and growing your business.
  • Lower administrative overhead by reducing the need for staff to invoice and manage large customer volumes.

A Professionally Developed Curriculum – Lil’ Sports has worked with professional trainers, teachers, psychologists, and athletes to create well-rounded and age-appropriate curricula for children of varying ages.

Ten Years of Industry Experience - By investing in Lil’ Sports you will immediately have the confidence that comes from investing in a proven business that operates in a market with very strong growth potential.

Low Overhead and Instant Client Base – There is no storefront required. You can manage Lil’ Sports directly from your home. Since classes are held mostly in preschools and daycare centers, your customers and facilities are already in place giving you have an instant client base. You will simply be offering a fun and exciting service to each school or center. This will all occur in your own exclusive geographic territory.

Rewarding Experience – The reason that many of our Lil’ Sports Franchisees turned to Lil’ Sports is because they grew weary of working in a field that they were not passionate about and wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. The goal of Lil’ Sports is to promote a healthy lifestyle for young children. Owning a Lil’ Sports franchise allows you to take part in keeping children active and help build positive attitudes about sports and fitness!

Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle – Instead of sitting in an office every day, Lil’ Sports allows you to be up and moving around with today’s youth. It is amazing how energetic you feel when your job allows you to be active every day!

Supportive Staff – Lil’ Sports Franchising Group staff members are dedicated to helping with any questions or needs that may arise on a daily basis.