Lil’ Sports was founded in 1998 outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was started out of a love for sports, fitness, teaching, and the increasing concerns about childhood obesity.

The Lil’ Sports philosophy stands on the belief that starting structured physical activity at an early age decreases the risk of future obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Knowing that each child is unique and has individual needs and abilities, we have created a superior fitness program to encourage youngsters to develop a love of physical activity that will last a lifetime.

Each facet of the Lil’ Sports program has been mindfully developed to be exciting and beneficial to the physical progress of children.

By providing children with positive role models and engaging activities, Lil’ Sports has a positive impact on children as they take their first steps to a life-long commitment to the world of fitness.

To date, Lil’ Sports has been responsible for instilling a passion for physical fitness in over a quarter of a million young children.