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** PLEASE NOTE: An online payment does not take the place of completing a sign up form or online registration. To sign up please click here to sign up online, contact your school's director, or the Lil’ Sports office at 866.545.7778 to obtain a sign up form. Children will not be eligible to participate in any Lil’ Sports program until a completed sign up form or online registration has been received.

** PLEASE NOTE: When paying for siblings please enter separate transactions to ensure proper processing.

** PLEASE NOTE: In order for the dropdown box below to function properly you may have to click "accept blocked content" on the yellow security bar warning at the top of the screen.

To make an online payment please select the first 2 digits of your invoice number from the dropdown box below:

If you have any problems or you do not have your invoice # please contact the Lil’ Sports Office at 866.545.7778. Thank you.