Self-addressed Envelopes – Your child will receive self-addressed envelopes in his or her cubby at the beginning of every month. Please make checks out to “JMJ Sports” and mail it to us directly for faster processing. Please be sure to write your child’s name and invoice number in the memo of the check.

Online Payments – To make online payments with a credit card, go to our Lil’ Sports website www.lilsports.com and click on “Online Payment”. When making a payment please include your child’s name, school, and full invoice number. This information is very important for accurate processing. You can also call our Lil’ Sports office at 877.957.6787 to have a representative take your payment over the phone.

Leaving Checks at your school – Although Lil’ Sports prefers you use the provided return-addressed envelope or online payment; you also have the option of leaving your check at the school in the provided envelope. Please do not hand in checks that are not in the provided envelope.

Late Payments – All payments are due by the end of the third week of the billing month, as stated on the invoice. However, no late payment penalty will be charged as long as payment is received by the end of the current month. Any parent that has a past due invoice will receive a letter and phone call from Lil’ Sports stating the past due amount. If your balance is past due by three (3) or more months, your child will be removed from class until payment is paid in full. Partial payments can be discussed with a representative from our corporate office.

Weekly Classes – Lil’ Sports classes are held weekly, typically on the same day, Monday through Friday. Our company makes every effort to keep the day of the week and the assigned instructor consistent for each school. However, certain situations may arise during the year which will require a change in instructor and/or a change in the scheduled day of the week. If changes do occur each school will be notified well in advance.

Pro-rating – If your child will not be attending class, Lil’ Sports allows parents to call the office prior to the start of Lil’ Sports class for the current week and have the class fee removed. If a child was sick and did not attend class Lil’ Sports requires that the parent call the office on the day of their child’s absence to inform Lil’ Sports of the missed class. The cost of the class will then be removed from the child’s invoice.

Staff and Sibling Discounts – Lil’ Sports offers all staff member’s children, who take our program, half off the standard price. Also, any parent with more than one child enrolled in our program will get a half price discount on each child after the first. For example, if a parent has 2 children involved in Lil’ Sports, the first child will take our program and pay full price, and the second will pay 50% of the cost of class. Parents with 3 children will pay full price for their first child and get their second and third child at half off the regular price. The only exception to this policy is for the $10.00 month. No discounts apply during this introductory offer.

1st Month Pricing – A student’s first month in the program is offered at a promotional rate of $10.00. This introductory rate allows a student to try out the program for a reasonable price. This rate is only offered for the first month that a student is enrolled. If the student leaves the program, then returns, they will be charged full price.

Month Price (4 weeks) – Lil’ Sports typically bills parents monthly for our service. In most cases there are four (4) sessions in a month. In a typical month the price is $11.25 x 4 = $45.00. However, in some cases there can be five (5) sessions in a month, and the monthly cost will be $11.25 x 5 = $56.25.

Birthday Parties – Lil’ Sports can come to your house, a park, or a rented Gym for your child’s birthday party! We can supply a wide variety of sports and activities that a large number of children can use to have fun and keep occupied. For pricing and dates please call the office at 866.545.7778 and speak with an area manager.

Student Deactivation Policy – In order to deactivate your child from the Lil’ Sports program the student’s parent must call our office and let us know the last date that your child will be attending class. A representative will adjust the invoice and ensure your child’s instructor does not take him or her after that date. PLEASE do not solely notify your child’s teacher, director, or owner that you do not want your child to participate in Lil’ Sports, that does not constitute deactivation and you will continue to be invoiced. Lil’ Sports must be notified from a parent directly, we are unable to take a deactivation request from a staff member at your child’s school.