Why Lil' Sports

Proven and Experienced Staff – We pride ourselves on having experienced staff that loves sports, fitness, and has a passion for teaching children.

A Professionally Developed Curriculum – Lil’ Sports worked with professional trainers, teachers, psychologists, child obesity specialists and athletes to create well-rounded and age appropriate curricula for children of varying ages.

Multiple Program Offerings – Lil’ Sports offers a wide array of programs, such as sports, fitness, karate, dance, and yoga, providing parents and school directors with multiple options for meeting their children’s health and fitness needs, all from a single, trusted vendor.

Ten Years of Industry Experience – Lil’ Sports has been a trusted sports and fitness program provider since 1998.

Supportive Staff – Lil’ Sports’ staff members are dedicated to helping with any questions or requests raised by parents or school staff.

Excellent Communication – One of the major keys to successful adoption of an outside enrichment program in a school is communication with the parents and staff. Lil’ Sports provides weekly lesson plans/activity sheets to directors and parents to keep them informed of the fun and exciting activities their children will be learning.